You Have Objectives

We Have A Strategy To Take You There!

FDL is aware that change can be difficult. Together we want to help you overcome challenges and maintain your fitness motivation. We are experts in accountability, weight loss, and motivation! We strive to improve your quality of life as we transform your mind and body. Let’s take this giant leap together to achieve your goals.

Our Services

Our services include virtual fitness options, as well as Weight Loss and Personal Training programs that can be accessed from anywhere.

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Our Commitment

When you are ready, we will be dedicated to your health, fitness, and overall quality of life.


Free Virtual Consultation

Our consultations are always FREE and informative! We will give you the basic information you need to put your goals into perspective and a clear plan for how we will help you achieve a better quality of life together.


Experienced Professionals

Our level of Expertise surpasses the average! We are governed by over 30 years of experience in the weight loss and fitness industry.


You Are The Center Of Our Attention

Your success is our main focus! Each session will be tailored to your needs and level of fitness. Whether your focus is on weight loss or just developing a healthier lifestyle, you can count on FDL


Achieve Your Goals

We take the guesswork out and give you the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals safely and efficiently, which will save time and money in the long run.

Customer Reviews

Stacy Petrin
Stacy Petrin
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I eagerly anticipate every session because each session brings new learning. Danielle is a friendly, well-rounded individual and trainer. So that I may participate as effectively as possible in college sports, she has helped me tone and strengthen my physique. Danielle is the best trainer out there. Thus, I would suggest her!
Denetrick Williams
Denetrick Williams
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Danielle has taught me the value of a healthy diet, how to develop and strengthen my core, perfect form, and the kinds of gestures and exercises required to target specific problem areas. She inspired and motivated me. I liked a decent workout. I'm still working towards my initial objectives and have added new ones related to being charming and healthy. Danielle is sure I'll accomplish all my objectives!
John Johnson
John Johnson
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Danielle is the right weight loss counselor if you're searching for someone with drive, adaptability, and a personal touch. I recommend the fellows at Fit Don't Lie as a professional group.

Why Train With Me

I provide the expertise to get the job done! Hiring a professional helps save time and money. I take the guess work out and get to the core of things fast. Clients want results and I provide a “real life” path. I believe that hard work and knowledge are key! It is my mission to dispel what people are being bombarded with and mislead through advertising and the media. I am honest and straightforward when it comes to finding a realistic path to suit each individual client’s needs.

My go-to workout

My ADD workout! I do whatever comes to mind not managing sets or reps just blasting forward!

Healthy food I love

I love all fruits and vegetables and love to experiment with cooking! My personal fav are artichokes

Healthy food I hate

I am not a beet lover but I have figured out how to make peace with sauteing and juicing them!

Favorite workout music

I am all over the page with my music sometimes I want to chill and sometimes I want dance or hiphop.

What people are most surprised to learn about me

Most are shocked to learn how tall I am, my athletic background and are blown away by my age.

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You can discover from our blog session how to maintain nutrition and fitness regimens that truly benefit you, what to eat, and how to exercise effectively.

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