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Danielle Jones

Virtual App-Based Remote Training Services

At Fit Don’t Lie, we use interactive technology such as Kickoff Fitness. This easy-to-use app features interactive lessons, chat support, and assessments, helping you track your progress while providing maximum learner flexibility. We guarantee optimal outcomes for each client by regularly measuring the changes and results over time for all of our services. So you can trust that we are doing everything possible for your success!

No Extremes

Our program is distinctive because we offer pain-free workouts! After every workout with us, you feel fantastic rather than sore.

Power Your Preferred Workouts

Never again wait in line at a machine. Build a personalized workout using your favorite exercises or combine other modalities to create an ideal plan.

Envision Your Fitness Journey

You’ll be able to examine your muscle utilization, exercise accomplishments, and workout streaks to monitor your fitness improvement.

You Can Trust Experienced Training Professionals

The main goal of offering virtual app-based remote training services, is to help you reach a healthier, fitter version of yourself through customized training. Our professionals have helped thousands achieve their goals, so you can trust us for your fitness objectives. Kickoff Fitness App allows us to use positive reinforcement techniques to keep you motivated during our sessions— even when staying at home! This app has recorded sessions, so no time and suitable place constraints are holding you back from getting a healthy lifestyle.

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